Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy July 4th!

I adore July 4th!  It was my mom's favorite holiday.  Every July 4th morning at 6AM, my mom would put our big, giant speakers in the windows and put on her John Philip Sousa album as loud as it would go.  "Stars and Stripes Forever" echoed throughout our neighborhood and while I was mortified at the time, it's one of my favorite childhood memories.  Growing up in Dolton, we had a huge...HUGE, I tell you parade, carnival, fireworks extravaganza every year and it was all within a block of my house.  We had a big, honkin' party each year and those memories are near and dear to my heart. 

Growing up, The Carnival was THE social event of the season.  We would flock to good ole' River Oaks mall and carefully choose a new outfit for each night.  We were so BA in our new parachute pants and Def Lepard t-shirts and fresh perms (remember...this was the mid-80's).  It was so awesome.  I miss those days.

The last couple of years, Homewood Baseball & Softball has had a float in the Homewood July 4th parade.  Move over Disney...I'm thinking a parade float may be my "happiest place on earth"!  My friend Andrea and I run the show for anything social/PR for Homewood Baseball, so the float was our gig. Super fun!
Our super-fab July 4th float!

And since we're talking about 4th of July, check out these cuties I made!  Pinterest, of course!

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