Monday, August 6, 2012

Estherfest 2012 - Best Summer Highlight!

Great-Grandma Esther
If you know me, you've heard me refer to Estherfest.  Estherfest is the annual Calomino Family reunion, named after my husband's great grandma Esther.  When she passed away 27 or so years ago, the family decided to honor her legacy by continuing to gather each year in her name.  This year was our 26th year!  Even though I am not one of Esther's direct descendants, I have been to at least 20 Estherfests. 

Like all families, we have our traditions.  Each year there is a king and a queen.  Trust me, it's a highly coveted honor to be named King or Queen of the Estherfest.  When it began, the "elders" (Esther's children) all decided in advance on a king and queen.  They would have t-shirts made and the lucky person's name would be on the back (hidden until the last moment).  Someone would begin chanting..."We want a king...we want a king...we want a king".  Before you knew it, all of us are gathered 'round and are wildly chanting.  After fake drum roll, one of the aunts would flip the t-shirt around and reveal who the king was.  Madness ensues and everyone goes nuts.  Then the queen chants begin..."We want a queen...we want a queen".  You get it...

So after the king and queen are announced, they are crowned and given a whole pile of tacky fake flowers and a sash.  They promenade around the pavilion and the whole family follows in line.  It's too much fun!

The elders are getting "more elder" these days and now the names are basically picked out of a paper bag on-site.  However, it's still a pretty big deal for us older "kids" who have watched the crown pass from family member to family member each year to wait in anticipation for our name to be called.

You know where this is going..right????


Cousin Bobby was the king and to be honest, if I could pick any family member to be my Esterfest King, it would totally be Bobby!  It was our year!!!!  We were so freaking excited!  Neither of us would give up our crown/tiara.  I wore it proudly all day and night. Hell, I even considered wearing it to bed!
Royalty :)

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