Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, I guess I've been out having too much fun! The past few weeks have been so much fun and the next few weeks don't appear to be any less entertaining. I've been to the beach, the Cubs game, in a parade...the list goes on! Super fun!

On my summer bucket list was to blog more often, as well as try lots of fun new recipes and share with you. Well, unless you call putting relish instead of ketchup on my hot dog down at the baseball fields a new recipe..I've failed miserably. I did manage to make a mean panzanella salad and a bruscetta platter last weekend that got rave reviews, so I feel like I haven't failed myself miserably yet. There is still at least 6 more weeks of summer vacation left. I'm on it!!!

Stay tuned....I've got to do something coupon-y or food-ie soon!

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