Saturday, February 26, 2011

Progressive Dinner Tonight!

Tonight we are taking part in a progressive dinner. At the end of the summer last year, we planned one with a group of friends for December. That one was such a success, that we planned another one! Our house was a stop on the last one, but not this one. Even though we are not a stop, I'm still going to provide some goodies! I entered to win a House Party a few months ago sponsored by Zatarain's. I was going to have my own party, but I'm going to bully my Mardi Gras party in with our progressive, since most of the evening is Cajun inspired, anyhow!

Zatarain's sent me a fun box filled with all sorts of goodies! The sent a huge bag of Mardi Gras beads, a bunch of masks, some of their most popular products to make and try, as well as coupons to share with friends. I'm going to make some Red Beans and Rice, as well as some King Cake Cupcakes. I have some fun things planned for us as well! I'll update with some fun pictures and maybe some video of us doing the "Second Line" tomorrow!

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