Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before School CVS

This is for you, Cousin Lisa! :)

I hit up the CVS this morning on my way in to score some free deodorant and free pop. CVS is selling Dove Men's deodorant (only the ones with the gray caps) $2 each. Print off the Dove Men's deodorant coupon from (go to the personal care section) and you've got it for free!

2 Dove Deodorants - $4.00 (used 2 $2/1 printables)
1 Diet Dr. Pepper - $1.69 (took off $2 for liking them on Facebook)
1 Bag of Jelly Beans - .99 (I had no coupon for this. I heart jelly beans...'tis the season)

Out of pocket price....$1.12 (.44 of which was tax!) Not bad!

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